Who are we?

Here at Downend we are a group of about 70 people with a common faith and love for the Bible and its teaching. The name Christadelphians comes from two Greek words and means brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a community of men and women, united by a shared faith based on the holy scriptures, who try to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

We are located in many countries throughout the world with large groups of Christadelphians in the United Kingdom and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South East Asia and Africa. Like the early Christians, we meet in relatively simple halls, rented rooms and in some cases even at homes.
Acts 1v13-14, 2v46-47, 18v7, 19v9, 28v30

We accept the Bible as our only guide and believe it to be the inspired word of God. We eagerly look forward to the completion of God's plan for the world and mankind; the re-establishment of God's Kingdom when Jesus returns to the earth as God's appointed King. We believe from the signs God has given us in his word the Bible that Jesus' return is imminent.

We warmly invite you to ask us questions or come along and meet with us in reading God's word and finding out more about his wonderful message of hope for all mankind.

Our Meetings


Memorial Service - 11am

Our memorial meeting allows us to meet together and share the bread and the wine in remembrance of the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We listen to an exhortation before we partake of the bread and wine.

Sunday School - 11am

Our Sunday school is held most Sundays following the standard school term times

Bible Hour - 6pm (2.30pm first Sunday of the month)

Our Bible hour is aimed at those who wish to learn more about God's word and covers a wide range of subjects throughout the year. Check the home page for upcoming subjects.


Bible Class - 7.45pm

Our main study evening of the week. We look at a specific subject from the Bible to learn more about God and his plan and purpose with this earth. Afterwards there is time for discussion on the subject.


Youth Group - 7.00pm

The young people meet in Juniors and Seniors groups to catch up with their friends and do all sorts of different activities such as swimming, football, cooking, cycle rides and many more! There is then a short interactive bible talk and discussion.

Find out more

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