The objective of the seminars is to show that the Bible makes sense and is relevant for today.

We hope that by demonstrating this you will be encouraged to read your Bible for yourself and discover more of the Bible’s advice for living in today’s world.

Seminar 1. Depression, Stress, Disease

In our modern lives we experience a great deal of stress, work long hours and consequently may suffer illness. The Bible can help you put your life in perspective.

Seminar 2. Coping with Family Life

We live in an age when moral standards appear to have collapsed. Immorality is accepted. Broken homes are sadly becoming the norm. The Bible gives advice to families and how they can stay together.

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Seminar 3. Breakdown of Law & Order

Are you concerned about the levels of crime and violence in today’s world? This session explores Bible teaching concerning these problems and explores the solutions that God offers in His Word.

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Seminar 4. The Financial Crisis

Increasing prices, falling investment values, too much debt, rising unemployment. It’s not really new. The Bible has practical advice on it all.

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Seminar 5. Floods & Adverse Weather

The devastating effects of extreme weather seems to be present in almost every news bulletin with reports from around the world relating to increasing occurrences of natural disasters. What does the Bible say about such events? What does the future hold?

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